Athanasios Mantarlis

Short bio

Athanasios Mantarlis is Deputy Director in Police Directorate of Orestiada (North Evros). From his experience as a commander and staff officer within the Hellenic Police, he understands well the requirements and procedures of security issues. He received training and took part in missions in USA, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania. He graduated from the Hellenic Police Academy in 1999 as a Police Officer. In the course of his career, he acted as a commander and staff officer in several positions of the Hellenic Police.  He has more than 20 years of overall experience in immigration, in application of new technologies and Holistic border management issues and he is heavily involved  as associate  researcher  from 2016 in several HORIZON projects related to border security such as EWISA, CAMELOT, FOLDOUT, ANDROMEDA, NESTOR, FLEXICROSS and MELCHIOR.


Intervention 30/5/2023, Session 5 BM, 13.00-13.10, Nafsika

“The role of the National Border Police in EU-funded research on Integrated Border Management”

The participation of the Hellenic Police in EU-found research today. The contribution of Research Projects to Integrated Border Management in Greece. The challenges of the future and their approach. The Next Day and the Philosophy of the Hellenic Police as the end user.