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March 29, 2023

Resilient infrastructures through (pre-)standardization: The STRATEGY Perspective; Ioannis Chasiotis, Project Manager, Satways Ltd.

FirEUrisk: Dissecting risk to prevent extreme wildfires; Ioannis Gitas, Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Harmonization and Pre-Standardization of Equipment, Training and Tactical Coordinated procedures for First Aid Vehicles deployment on European multi-victim Disasters – VALKYRIES; Yantsislav Yanakiev, Professor, Bulgarian Defence Institute – BDI

SAFERS: Structured Approaches for Forest fire Emergencies in Resilient Societies; Edoardo Arnaudo, Senior Researcher, LINKS Foundation

New Technologies to Improve First Responder Safety – RESPOND-A Project; Iasonas Senekkis, Research Associate, CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology, European University Cyprus

Co-Protect: Greek cluster for cooperative and interoperable Crisis and Disaster management solutions; George Eftychidis, R&D Project Manager, Satways Ltd 

The Search and Rescue Project: Emerging Technologies for Early Location of Entrapped Victims under Collapsed Structures and Advanced Wearables for Risk Assessment and First Responder Safety in SAR Operations; Sofia Karma, Laboratory Teaching Staff, Dr. Chemical Engineer, NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS

SILVANUS – Integrated Technological and Information Platform for Wildfire Management; Michele Corleto, SILVANUS Project Coordinator, Università Telematica Pegaso

EU sustainable forest management and wildfire policies and practices: Challenges between As Is and To Be state.; Nikolaos Kalapodis, Senior Researcher, Center for Security Studies (KEMEA).

Measuring Forest Resilience against Wildfires and Climate Change – Methods and Technical Approaches; Konstantinos Demestichas, Assistant Professor, Agricultural University of Athens 

Is public procurement hindering factor in the uptake of innovation?; Jozef Kubinec, Head of Works and ICT Procurement Department, Ministry of Interior of the Slovak republic

Integration of innovative technologies for safety and security in drinking water networks and the paradigm of aqua3S; Spyros Kintzios, Senior Research Associate, ITI / CERTH

Enhancing pathogen contamination incident management through advanced operational picture and collaboration among incident commanders and first responders; Katerina Valouma, Project Manager, Satways Ltd.  

Standardization of risk management in public space can be effective and fun; Vivian Gravenberch, Founder and director, DISSS (Dutch Institute for Safe and Secure Spaces)

Standardized scenarios and test methods for assessing the performance of Counter- UAS solutions; Paraskevi Petsioti, Research Associate, ΚΕΜΕΑ 

ODYSSEUS – Preventing, Countering, and Investigating Terrorist Attacks through Prognostic, Detection, and Forensic Mechanisms for Explosive Precursors; Nikolai Stoianov, Deputy Director, Bulgarian Defence Institute – BDI

PERIVALLON: Protecting the EuRopean terrItory from organised enVironmentAl crime through inteLLigent threat detectiON tools; Eduardo Villamor, Project Manager, ETRA

Towards the Prevention and Detection of Grooming Content Online, through AI-based technologies, Training and Awareness Raising Activities: The CESAGRAM solution; Theoni Spathi, Research Associate, CERTH

Countering Terrorist Financing with AI Technologies – CTC project; Efstathios Skarlatos , Research Associate | Project Coordinator, Center for Security Studies (KEMEA)

Analysing and preventing extremism via participation; Youssef Bouali, Senior EU Project Manager, Polish Platform for Homeland Security

Protection System for large gatherings of people in Religious Sites; Anna van der Stok, Founder and director, DISSS (Dutch Institute for Safe and Secure Spaces)

Kriptosare: Behaviour analysis in cryptocurrency transactions; Francesco Zola, Researcher, Vicomtech

LAW-GAME An Interactive, Collaborative Digital Gamification Approach to Effective Experiential Training and Prediction of Criminal Actions; Katerina Margariti, Research Associate, CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology, European University Cyprus

Solutions to enHance Interfaith protEction of pLaces of worship form terrorist Danger – SHIELD Alessandro Marani, Project Manager & Researcher, Zanasi & Partners

March 30, 2023

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