Christina Corbane

Short bio

Christina Corbane is a senior researcher in remote sensing applied to earth sciences. She is currently the leader of the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre. Her main role is the coordination of the different projects, IT platforms and activities meant to provide scientific support for the efficient and coherent implementation of EU policies and international agreements in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction and Conflict Prevention.

Intervention (31/5/2023, European Organizations session, 10.00-12.00, Main Auditorium)

The Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre of the European Commission: A collaborative approach to foster disaster resilience

The risk landscape is changing in the European Union (EU) but also globally with new emerging, cross- border and compound risks. These challenges require a joint effort to enhance society’s resilience to the complex risk landscape. In support of this goal, the European Commission, in close collaboration with Member States and the Disaster Risk Management community, has launched the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre (DRMKC). The DRMKC is an instrument which provides a networked approach to the science–policy interface in disaster risk management in the EU and for developing and pursuing evidence-based EU policies. In this intervention, we will highlight 1) the role of Knowledge Management in crisis management and conflict risk prevention and 2) how the JRC scientific work feeds into the decision-making process in the field of Disaster Risk Management and Risk Reduction and 3) how to bring science closer to operations through stronger engagement with Member States and the citizens.