Giulio Maria Mancini

Short bio

Giulio is a Policy Officer in DG HOME of the European Commission and coordinates the EU border management innovation policy. He also worked on the external dimension of migration management in the EU institutions. Previously, he worked in Europe and the United States on international security and chemical and biological weapons prevention. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Bradford in the UK and a Master’s from the Catholic University of Milan in Italy.


Intervention (30/5/2023, Border Management session, 13.00, Conference Room)

The EU Border Management Research and Innovation Policy

The EU funds European research and innovation (R&I) for border management, within the EU programme on civil security R&I, itself a dedicated part of the Framework Programme for R&I. The intervention will give a brief overview of the size and characteristics of EU R&I on border management, as well as of the EU border management policies it serves, and the capability-based approach to R&I. Finally, it will remind the current focuses and priorities of EU border management R&I.