Marcel van Berlo

Short bio

Dr. Marcel van Berlo is a senior program and project manager in the field of human factors and security at TNO, the Netherlands. Within the TNO Unit Defence, Safety & Security, Marcel is the EU Manager for Civil Security research. Since 2019, he is the chair of the EARTO Working Group Security & Defence research, and since 2022 he is member of the EC’s CERIS expert group. From 2017-2020 Marcel was the Technical Coordinator of the EC-funded project DRIVER+, labelled by REA as a success story and selected as one of 10 most impactful, innovation breakthrough projects of 2020.


Intervention 30/05/2023, RISE-SD 2023 Plenary session, 09.00-12.00, Delphi Amphitheater

“Intervention by EARTO – European Association of Research and Technology Organisations”

This intervention puts forward several recommendations established by the EARTO Working Group Security & Defence research (WGSD) in the framework of the European Commission’s public consultation on the past, present and future of the Framework Programme. The EARTO WGSD formulated the following six recommendations to further increase the viability and impact of the Civil Security for Society Work Programme: a) Keep focusing HE Cluster 3 on RD&I for Civil Security for Society; b) Alter entry barriers to calls under Cluster 3; c) Increase citizens’ involvement in RD&I security activities; d) Expand Cluster 3 to capacity development topics; e) Better balance TRLs; f) Ensure the stability of HE Cluster 3 budget.